Why Use Oxford Cloth For Portable Folding Chair Production

Update:09 Oct 2021

  In the process of producing portable folding chairs, […]

  In the process of producing portable folding chairs, a commonly used chair surface fabric is Oxford cloth, so why use this fabric?

  First of all, durability: the durability here does not mean drop resistance or wear resistance, but the Oxford cloth can still maintain its original appearance after frequent and long-term use, and the hard box can maintain its original appearance even after long-term use. Scratches, it is also difficult to conceal the traces left by the years, even if the stickers are attached, the discoloration and loss of the material cannot be prevented.

  Secondly, anti-scratch: Oxford fabrics are tight and strong, and can easily cope with inadvertent collisions and frictions during travel.

  In addition, wear resistance, drop resistance, and pressure resistance: due to the strong and tough characteristics of Oxford cloth itself.

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