What Features Should You Look For In A Folding Table?

Update:23 Mar 2021

  It seems easy to choose a folding table, but you will […]

  It seems easy to choose a folding table, but you will be surprised to find that there are many considerations. A folding table is different from other folding tables. Durability should be your biggest concern. For example, a particleboard folding table may only last for one year. On the other hand, a good ABS table costs four times the original price, but the service life is 10 to 15 times longer. Which is better investment?


  Although durability is often expressed as the most important function, there are other aspects to consider when choosing a folding table. This is a complete list:


  Table weight-Consider the strength of all the volunteers who will help you set up the table, not just the strongest volunteers. You don't want anyone to strain their back or get injured by lifting the table.


  Fixing method of outriggers-The firm outrigger mechanism should be bolted to the underside of the table instead of wood screws. You will continue to fold and unfold the legs, and make sure that the legs can be supported under such use.


  The construction of edges and corners-you never thought of this, did you? Heavy-duty edges will help save the table. The corner structure of the rectangular table should be impact resistant to prevent damage from being accidentally dropped.


  Easy to maintain—if the table needs to be polished or repaired, don’t bother. The table you choose should be able to resist stains, withstand high temperature objects and maintain an easy-to-clean state.


  Reliability Testing-Strict testing protocols will provide you with a good table to ensure durability and reduce the cost of ownership.


  Shopping cart options-you may need unique storage and shopping cart requirements. Consider the width of your doorway and storage area, and look for a supplier with a variety of trolley options to help you make the most of your facility.


  Duration and depth of warranty-Reputable manufacturers will provide reliable warranty for their products for a fairly long period of at least 3-15 years or longer based on their desktop products.


  The breadth of the production line—In order to achieve the various activities required by today’s leading venues, a variety of shapes and sizes are required, from height-adjustable cocktail tables to rectangular tables of various widths and lengths, to special semi-circular and quadruple tables. A quarter of a circle. Sometimes, from a meeting room to a banquet hall or banquet area, the correct table used correctly may be a completely different style and structure.

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