What Are The Types Of Single Folding Beds?

Update:08 Apr 2022

  1. According to the material of the bed: it can be ro […]

  1. According to the material of the bed: it can be roughly divided into solid wood bed, artificial board bed, metal bed, rattan bed, etc. The solid wood bed is rich in shape and beautiful in color; the board bed is simple and fashionable; the metal bed has various shapes; the rattan bed is environmentally friendly and Natural, with distinct regional characteristics.

  2. According to the shape of the bed, it can be generally divided into a canopy bed, Luohan bed, step bed, high and low screen bed, and round bed. The canopy bed, that is, a four-poster bed, has upright columns at the four corners of the bed, with a short enclosure between the columns, the upper end of the column supports the top of the bed, and the bottom has a base.

  3. High and low screen bed: There are screens at both ends of the bed, one high and the other low, called high and low screen beds. At present, some high and low screen beds only have high screens and no low screens, that is, there is a bed screen at one end of the headrest, and no protruding screen at the end of the footrest. Round bed: The overall shape is like a geometric round bed. Compared with the square bed, the round bed is extra lively, has a personality, is not restricted, and is more convenient to get on and off the bed; the round bed has no edges and corners, and will not be bumped.

  4. According to the function of the bed, it can be divided into single-use bed, dual-use bed, and multi-purpose bed. Single bed: Abed is mainly used for sleeping. Dual-purpose bed: A bed that can be used for both sitting and sleeping. Multi-purpose bed: a bed that can meet various purposes such as sitting, lying, storing, and placing accessories.

  5. Finally, a more detailed classification can be carried out, such as by the number, width, and material of the pavement. According to the number of paving, it can be divided into a single bed, bunk bed, and multi-layer bed. According to the width of the bed, the bed can be divided into a single bed and a double bed. According to the national standard furniture standard, the width of the single bed is generally 720-1200mm, and the width of the double bed is generally 1350-1800mm.

  How much is the price of a single folding bed? Through such a detailed introduction, I believe you have already understood it. Different types have different prices. We must be careful when purchasing. Be sure to look carefully at the material inside. How does it feel to lie down and interview? How about the steel pipe of the folding bed? This is the most suitable one to buy after checking.

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