The Purchase Of Folding Sofa Bed

Update:10 Dec 2021

  1. Look at the elasticity: Lie down by yourself and t […]

  1. Look at the elasticity: Lie down by yourself and turn it side to side a few times. A good spring will not move or be uneven, and it can immediately return to its original shape.

  2, look at the stability: You can shake the product back and forth and left and right with both hands, and the firmness indicates that the frame is good.

  3. Pay attention to the quality of the cloth: If you buy leather, you can pinch one place with two fingertips and pull up and down. It feels strong and has good storability.

  4. Look at the process: If it is a folding sofa bed with a steel frame structure, pay attention to the welding place to be smooth and free of voids, the coating should look uniform and soft, and the steel pipe surface treated with [plastic spraying process] has high hardness and more Wear-resistant, more shiny. However, if the process of [baking paint] is used, the surface of the steel pipe is more likely to have scratches, which will lead to oxidation and rust, and there will be no luster.

  Product Ergonomics

  One, single folding sofa bed, unit size: height: 231 cm, thickness: 60.6 cm, width: 100 cm

  Two, double folding sofa bed, unit size: the expanded size of the unit is 200 cm (open space); depth 115 cm/104 cm, depth: 33 cm/44.60 cm.

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