The Pros Of Choosing Folding Camping Bed When Camping

Update:29 Dec 2020

Years ago, camping was almost synonymous with bumpy and […]

Years ago, camping was almost synonymous with bumpy and hard experiences. This means leaving your comfort zone and being one with nature. As hiking and camping have become popular weekend hobbies, people have developed various camping equipment, folding camping beds and equipment, which are now easily available online and in stores. Nowadays, with many options, even first-time campers can enjoy outdoor activities. One option designed to make you sleep better in the camp is a camping mattress.

  Choosing the right bed during a camping trip means you can be refreshed and ready for a new day's activities. Many campers agree that a bed can "make or destroy" your camping adventure. Now there are different types of bedding, including sleeping bags, hammocks, cribs, sleeping mats and folding beds. Everyone has their own advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the best camping equipment will ultimately depend on you and your needs. Compared with other sleeping devices, this is the advantage of folding camping beds.

  1. Folding camping bed is easy to use

  Novice campers and even children know how to use folding camping beds, and how to inflate and deflate them as needed. It is easy to pack and clean because most folding camping beds are made of smooth vinyl material. Unlike folding camping beds that require metal support and hammocks that require tight ropes, you don't need to assemble anything or read manuals to set up a folding camping bed. You just need to unfold the bed in a predetermined space inside or outside the tent, inflate the bed with a pump or press the self-inflating button, and then wait for it to be full.

  2. Storage space is not a problem

  It is also very easy to store foldable camping beds. You can roll the bed from start to finish, stuff it into the school bag you carry, and that's it. It is also very easy to store it at home. Just wash it occasionally and let it air dry, then put it in the bag or box again. It is very compact, so it does not require much space.

  3. Lighter weight

  A folding camping bed with a manual pump may be lighter due to an external pump, about two to three kilograms, which is very suitable for hiking. A camping mattress with a built-in pump weighs between 9 and 12 kg. If you will be camping near a campervan or car, it is the best choice. Some folding camping beds are heavier. Keep in mind that heavier mattresses also have increased comfort, such as auto-inflation, adjustable firmness and built-in pillows. If you want to backpack and have more space you need, you can abandon the automatic inflatable bed and use a manual pump to get a folding camping bed. Don't forget to bring your pump, otherwise, you will blow into the folded camping bed through your mouth.

  4. It provides you with more sleeping space

  Sleeping bags, cribs and hammocks are specially made for single sleepers, so if you are camping with family or friends, you will have to bring a sleeping bag separately. You must also set up a hammock and crib separately. This means that your school bag needs more space and more time is spent preparing your bed. On the other hand, you can buy folding camping beds of different sizes according to your needs and the size of the tent. You can choose single, double, double or large size.

  5. You can choose the ideal capacity

  The capacity of the bed depends on the materials used, so you should read the user manual before purchasing. The quality of the seams, valves and materials will also determine the capacity of the folding camping bed. The general weight guidelines for folding camping beds are as follows:

  6. It is as comfortable as your traditional bed

  Like a folding bed, you can sleep peacefully as if you sleep on your own bed. Unlike lying in sleeping bags and cushions, you stay away from the ground and sleep on the folding camping bed without feeling the hard surface below. You can also stretch your legs and sleep in any position you like. Even with only one single bed, you have enough space to move. Compared to sleeping in a hammock, you don’t have to move around or lie on your back. When you need to go to the bathroom at night, it is best to use a folding camping bed. If you are wrapped in a cocoon like a sleeping bag, it will take longer to unzip the bag and get out of the car.

  7. It is made of durable material

  Today, most foldable camp beds use strong vinyl. The foldable camping bed can withstand a weight of 600 pounds. You can easily roll and unfold the vinyl material without damaging the bed. Unlike foam, which is deformed by continuous use, folding camping beds can maintain their shape no matter how long they are used. If properly taken care of, the foldable camping bed can be used as an extra bed at home or sleeping in a campsite for a long time. You should not choose cheap plastic materials because they are deformed and noisy to use.

  8. More affordable

  Folding camping beds are usually reasonably priced. Prices range from USD 39 for two single beds to USD 79 for a queen bed.

  9. Adjustable hardness

  Don't you want to put your tired body on a soft surface? The folding camping bed has an adjustable firmness that allows you to customize it. If you want a firm bed, you can add more air, and if you want a softer bed, you can let some air out. Keep in mind that if the bed is too tight, it will cause uneven weight distribution, so some areas may feel sore in the morning. No matter which firmness you choose, a great folding camping bed should support your spine, and you should not sink in the middle.

  10. Easy to maintain

  Maintaining a folding camping bed is very easy. You only need to wash once occasionally and store it properly. When camping, if you want to stay in the camp for a few days, you can deflate, and deflate when you are ready to go. Bring some repair patches with you, just in case a messy tree branch doesn't catch your attention. Before inflating the foldable camping bed, check the ground to avoid puncture.

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