Sofa Bed Material Knowledge

Update:28 Jan 2022

  When it comes to the sofa bed, everyone must be very […]

  When it comes to the sofa bed, everyone must be very familiar with it. It can be used normally like a sofa. If there are enough guests at home and there are not enough beds, the sofa bed can be opened and it can be turned into a simple bed. It is very convenient for people to rest and use, but what do you know about the material of the sofa bed?

  The bracket sofa bed is generally a hardwood or metal bracket. When selecting, it should be observed whether the welding place of the bracket is smooth and free of voids and whether the coating is uniform and soft. To experience whether it is firm, you can hold the sofa bed with both hands and shake it from side to side. If it feels stable and there is no noise, the stand is firm.

  The spring-good sofa bed is the same as the bed, and springs will be added at the bottom of the bed. The sofa bed with a plastic frame and foam as the main material is prone to deformation and is not suitable for purchase. The springs of the sofa bed should be moderately soft and hard, with balanced elasticity. You can lie down on the sofa bed and feel the comfort when lying on your back, on your side, or turning over. Also, a good spring should have no sound when supporting the weight.

  Joints Most sofa beds need to open the folding bayonet or pull out the chute when "transforming" from a sofa to a bed. "It is also a key part of the sofa bed. When purchasing, you should push and pull the sofa bed or open and close it several times by hand.

  The cushion sofa bed in most cases assumes the function of the sofa, so the quality of the cushion is very important. The cushion fabric should not be too slippery, and the elasticity should be moderate. Nowadays, the better-quality sofa bed cushions and cushions are mostly made of nylon belts and snake spring cross-mesh structures, layered with high-elastic foam, sprayed cotton, and lightweight foam. This cushion has a good rebound and a comfortable sitting feeling.

  The fabric of the sofa bed cover is usually cloth, which should be thick and wear-resistant, and not easy to pilling. The special fabrics for sofa beds produced by some European and American professional manufacturers are of good quality. When choosing a fabric sofa bed, carefully observe whether the fabric is fine and smooth, without jumping silk, and you can also use your hand to dig the seams to see if they are tight. It is best to choose a sofa bed with a detachable bed cover, which is not only convenient for cleaning but also can be replaced with a new bed cover in the future to increase the sense of change in the room.

  The above is all the relevant content about the materials of various parts of the sofa bed that Xiaobian brought to you today. Do you all understand? I hope my sharing can be helpful to you!

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