Sofa Bed Buying Guide

Update:24 Aug 2021

  There are many types of sofa beds, futons, and sofa b […]

  There are many types of sofa beds, futons, and sofa beds. How do you choose? Asking yourself a few questions and thinking about how to use furniture can help narrow your choices.

  Who will be the main user of sofa beds, futons or sofa beds?

  Before making any other decisions, you need to narrow down the main purpose of the furniture. It will be a piece of bedroom furniture, and will you sleep on the sofa bed every night? Are you looking for a sofa bed with a mattress for your child? Are you interested in the modular sofa bed, which can perform dual tasks as your living room furniture during the day, and can also provide guests with comfortable mattresses for them to sleep at night?

  If you want to sleep on a sofa bed, futon or sofa with a bed all the time, you need to choose furniture with stable, high-quality bed frames. Materials such as hardwood or metal are durable and attractive, and can withstand everyday use.

  Do you often move house or furniture?

  The sofa with bed is large and heavy, while the futon is light and easy to operate. If you move frequently, you may want to consider using smaller frames and lightweight furniture.

  Does the main user have special accessibility requirements?

  If the main user of the furniture has difficulty getting in and out of the bed, or cannot easily set up the bed by yourself, you may need furniture that is easy to convert into a bed or easy to climb in.

  Do you need a good quality mattress to sleep?

  The comfortable mattress can give you a good night's sleep. Some sleeper sofas can accommodate thicker or larger mattresses than other sofas. You can also choose the comfort of the mattress. If you need a larger or smaller mattress, the best sofa bed can provide you with a large bed, a double bed or a twin bed.

  In contrast, a futon requires a specific mattress to be used with an easy-to-fold system, so you may not have too many comfort options.

  How much space and budget do you have?

  Some multifunctional furniture is great for the smallest spaces, while others can take up a large area of ​​your home. If a sofa bed with a mattress enters your living room and you have a large area to cover, you may want to consider a large combined sofa bed. If you want to add a spare bed in a small room, you can choose a sofa bed with storage function.

  Price is also a factor when choosing a sofa bed, futon or sofa bed. Prices vary based on your choice, so be sure to understand your space and budget before shopping.

  Don’t forget to measure your entry and exit

  You need space to move new furniture into your home, so be sure to measure the space itself and your entrance method to understand how easy it is to move the furniture.

  You should also consider how much space is needed for the furniture. Opening a sofa bed with a mattress requires more space than just using it as a sofa. The futon is neatly placed in a small corner until you convert it into a bed, while the sofa bed with a mattress will not change shape until you pull out the casters.

  What type of interior decoration or special function do you like?

  Choosing a new piece of furniture is exciting. Just like all your home decorations, by choosing a new and unique type of interior decoration, you can add a touch of color to the room or design a new look. Choosing special features such as fabrics, materials, cushions or storage compartments is one of the best parts of choosing a new sofa bed, futon or sofa bed.

  Now you have asked yourself a few questions and narrowed down the options.

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