Six Outdoor Camping Folding Table You Didn’t Know

Update:18 Jan 2021

 Any experienced traveler knows that the equipment you […]

 Any experienced traveler knows that the equipment you choose to travel will make or break. Is the table the table? That was our idea, but we were wrong. outdoor camping folding tables seem to be easy to buy, but there are many on the market today. Since most RVs have limited storage space, you want to make sure you make the best decision when you buy your next camping table. Let's break it down! Let's start with the basics here. This table is the jack of all trades. It has 3 different adjustable height levels, which is perfect for sitting on an outdoor picnic or as a bar height cooking table. We especially like the plastic table tops that are resistant to pollution and easy to clean. When not in use, the table can be folded in half for convenient storage and has a built-in handle. No matter what your camping table needs, this table is a safe choice for everyone.


  Folding camping table


  If you need a truly portable camping table, then this folding camping table is a good choice. The compact, foldable design and lightweight materials make it easy to carry this table even on the longest travels. The top of the square table is a solid surface and is equipped with adjustable straps, while the bottom has four cup holders for storing drinks. If you want more use from a small surface, it's worth a try.


  Compact roll top camping table


  The roller camping table is a must-have item in camping equipment, for good reason. The lightweight aluminum top of this table can be rolled up and placed in a portable box. This compact and powerful camping table has a steel frame that is both portable and durable. The top snaps into the base, making installation simple and quick. We like the smaller design because it is perfect for side tables or mini dining tables for one or two campers.


  Full-size roll top camping table


  For group travel or large family travel, a full-size foldable camping table is a better choice. This branded table uses a typical lightweight aluminum table top that can be easily rolled into a storage bag. They also added shoulder straps for easy transportation. The X-shaped frame makes the table sturdy and durable for some heavy lifting, but there is also open space underneath to prevent the knee from hitting the support bar. The large surface guarantees enough space for almost everything! Whether you are looking for a folding cooking table or a dining table for the whole family, this camping table can meet your needs.


  Portable kitchen counter


  For those serious chefs, we recommend that you use a camping table to create the ultimate outdoor kitchen. The compact, foldable design fits in a suitcase, but still provides all the surfaces you need for meals. The larger hard surface is an ideal preparation area, and next to it is a smaller side table that can accommodate most stoves or coolers. The table is also equipped with appliance hooks, and prepares the net rack and lantern hook below the surface. Choosing this picnic table will definitely upgrade your outdoor kitchen (and possibly make your neighbors jealous)!


  Portable folding picnic table


  Recently, a friend brought this table to our outdoor barbecue shop, and we immediately fell in love with this design. This option not only provides tables, but also chairs! The aluminum table and heavy-duty plastic bench are all folded into a suitcase-like suitcase for easy transportation and storage. The table top is laminate, so it's easy to spill the cleaner! The bench can hold two adults weighing 352 pounds. We can hardly overcome the cuteness and practicality of this table.


  You have it! I bet you did not realize the versatility of the camping table. Whether you are traveling as a family or want to hide alone in the deep woods, you can find the ideal camping table here.

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