Introduction To The Advantages Of Metal Sofa Bed

Update:04 Mar 2022

  What are the advantages of a metal sofa bed? The meta […]

  What are the advantages of a metal sofa bed? The metal sofa bed is one of the common furniture in our life. So, you know why metal sofa bed is produced, let's learn about the advantages of metal sofa bed together!

  1. Personality style

  The main components of modern metal sofa beds are mostly made of 1-1.2mm thick thin-walled carbon steel stainless steel tubes and aluminum metal tubes. The thin-walled metal tube has high toughness and good ductility. It is designed according to the designer's artistic ingenuity, giving full play to the imagination and processing it into beautiful shapes and styles of various curves. The artistically appealing metal tube mainframe is ingeniously combined with hardware accessories and decorations such as solid wood, wood-based panels, cloth, stone, glass, etc., showing a variety of appearances and charms, making people feel relaxed and happy. Many metal sofa beds show unique shape, avant-garde style, and individual style, which are incomparable and difficult to achieve with wooden furniture.

  2. Rich color choices

  The surface coating of the metal sofa bed can be said to be colorful, it can be the coating of polyurethane powder of various beautiful colors, or it can be light-transmitting chrome plating; it can be the sparkling, gorgeous and elegant vacuum titanium nitride or titanium carbide coating, It can also be a combination of two or more colors of titanium coating and powder coating to add brilliance. At present, the k-au electroplating and black-au electroplating technologies that are popular in the world have pushed the grade and quality of the metal sofa bed to a high level. The metal sofa bed integrates functional and aesthetic functions, and some high-quality ones have collectible value.

  3. There are many categories

  There are many kinds of metal sofa beds, which are suitable for bedroom, living room, and dining room furniture. These metal sofa beds can well create various atmospheres required for various rooms in the home, diversify the home style and enrich the modern atmosphere.

  4. With folding function

  Many varieties of metal sofa beds have a folding function, which is not only convenient to use, but also saves space, making the living environment of families with limited areas relatively loose and comfortable.

  5. It has aesthetic value

  In the past two years, the wrought iron furniture that has emerged in China has been integrated into the rough style of Chinese and Western classical charm. It is elegant and ancient without losing the modern flavor. It has artistic appreciation value and aesthetic value, adding a unique scenery to today's furniture market.

  1. Electroplating

  For the chrome-plated part, the coating is bright and smooth and can touch people's eyes. The electroplating layer cannot blister, rust, or be yellow.

  For the titanium-plated part, the color cannot be turned white, please avoid special whitening, and the others are the same as chrome-plated.

  The spray part and the coating film have no shedding, no ejection, no wrinkles, no rust spots, delicate, moisturizing, and firm.

  2. Metal tube material and riveted folded parts

  A part of the metal pipe should be free from overlapping sewing, cracks, open welding, and indentation; there should be no folds in the bend. The arcs must be smooth and smooth. There shall be no temporary welding, leaking welding, welding penetration, air hole, the front end of welding wire, and burr at the welding place. In addition, the rounded corners should be polished, the wall of the pipe should be clean and smooth, and the hand should be smooth. The riveted part should be firm and not loose. The round head and perimeter of the rivet should be smooth and free of dents and burrs.

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