How to Utilise The Space Saved By a Folding Bed?

Update:31 Aug 2021

  Whether in a small apartment, guest room or children’ […]

  Whether in a small apartment, guest room or children’s bedroom, folding beds are an excellent way to save space. Folding beds can be stored flat when not in use, leaving valuable floor space for other things during the day or when there are no guests. When sleeping is not needed, a chair/sofa bed or futon provides a second use. Although they do save space, it’s worth remembering that the actual floor space should only be filled with things that are as easy to move around as the bed itself to save a lot of trouble when guests arrive.

  Portable items

  If you often use a folding bed to save space, whether in your child’s bedroom or your own bedroom, be sure to use the space you get during the day wisely. Folding beds do leave you more space, but you don’t want to keep moving things sooner or later. Try to use the space for more portable items, such as a laundry basket or a caster chair that can be pushed back to the wall at night. You can even use the folding bed itself during the day-a piece of plywood at the top can be used as a convenient sideboard.

  Unexpected guest

  If you have children, you will undoubtedly be familiar with the "we promise we will be fine, just go to sleep" asking someone to stay overnight at the last minute! Or maybe your family or friends often drive over to visit, but agree with the second drink with pleading eyes? Regardless of the reason, if you often have uninvited guests, then a folding bed is an essential piece of furniture. You can immediately move it from the storage room to any room where the guest will be staying, and then move it away again in the morning.

  Play room

  A folding bed or futon in a child's bedroom may be a godsend, especially for the youngest child in the box! Being able to move the bed during the day creates valuable play space and encourages tidying up at the end of the day, as the floor must be clean before the bed can be taken out. Your kids will have more space to place floor puzzles, farm animals or whatever they like, as long as they can pick them up again after the game time is over.

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