How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

Update:01 Jun 2021

  Are you going to see grandma during the holidays? If […]

  Are you going to see grandma during the holidays? If so, you might expect some comfort food and memories. However, one thing you are not so excited about is that you will feel back pain after spending a few nights on the sofa! We have all been there. That's why we have collected tips on how to make sofa bed mattresses more comfortable-whether you are visiting family or entertaining friends out of town.


  Clean and flip the sofa bed mattress after each visit.


  As a must-have in the living room, the sofa bed will wear out a lot. After all, their "daily work" is the sofa, which means people can sit down, eat, and lose change in it. Although your sofa bed looks clean, there may be some crumbs and pennies hidden in the gaps between the cushions. Unfold your sofa bed mattress and vacuum thoroughly, making sure not to miss any corners and gaps. Then, spray the fabric refreshing spray to get a clean linen fragrance!


  Next, ask a friend to help you flip the mattress and follow the same process to clean it. Cleaning and flipping the mattress helps achieve two things. First, it brings you closer to realizing a new hotel bed experience. Second, it helps prevent pressure marks from forming on the mat. (Sofa bed mattresses tend to be thinner than ordinary mattresses, which means that guests’ marks can easily be pressed on its surface.)


  Do this after each visit-it will help you keep the sofa bed in good condition for many future visits!


  Use a mattress cover.


  A relatively thin mattress pad can make a big difference on almost any surface. After cleaning and turning the mattress, add a top hat for maximum comfort.


  If you live in a city with relatively hot weather, consider buying a breathable mattress made of cotton, microfiber or gel-infused foam. If your town (or where you are) is cold, please buy a memory foam top hat to help guests stay comfortable. Make sure to use the elastic of the mattress pad or suitable sheets to prevent guests from moving around while sleeping.


  Use new sheets every time.


  There is nothing better than falling asleep in the dry and warm comfort of freshly laundered sheets. Use clean bedding every time to enhance your sofa bed experience.


  Pro tip: If the sheets have been washed but they do not smell fresh, put them in the dryer for ten minutes with the dried sheets. They feel warm when they come out and smell lovely.


  Use your best bed making skills.


  Just because it is half a sofa and half a bed does not mean that you can make half-baked efforts when making it. When you prepare for the overnight guests, arrange your bedding like you would on a plush memory foam mattress. It will make the room look more attractive and make your loved one feel extra welcome. Extra points for the hospital corner!


  Pro tip: Don’t forget to keep a spare bed pillow at hand. Accent cushions are cute, but they are definitely uncomfortable!


  Set a drowsy mood.


  A comfortable sofa bed, soft lighting, oil diffuser and white noise machine can help you turn any room into an on-demand room (without fancy bed frames). Use lights that emit soft natural light to add style to your living room and invite guests to relax. Then, infuse relaxing aromas such as lavender and eucalyptus into the air. Finally, if your guests want to eliminate the hustle and bustle nearby, please consider providing a white noise machine for them to use.


  When you see a sofa, please recognize that it is a low-quality sofa.


  Sofa beds are like two pieces of furniture in one, so it's no surprise that they wear out almost twice as fast! There are many things you can do with an uncomfortable sofa bed mattress, but the only way to "repair" a broken or outdated sofa bed is to replace it. The following signs indicate that your current sofa bed needs to be upgraded:


  When you sit or lie down, you will hear a loud squeak.


  Rust on the moving parts makes it difficult to fold up and down the sofa bed mattress.


  The mattress or sofa fabric is worn, stained or outdated.


  It does not "support" your back like it used to-whether in a bed or sofa environment.


  It has an unpleasant smell, you can't get rid of it anyway.


  It feels very itchy after sitting on it (if so, you may have a pest problem).


  Your style has changed, and you want your living room to reflect this.

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