How to Keep Your Beach Chairs in Optimal Condition?

Update:29 Jun 2021

  If you spend a lot of time outdoors in warm weather—g […]

  If you spend a lot of time outdoors in warm weather—going to the ocean, concerts, picnics, your kids' baseball games—you might make good use of your beach chairs. They are portable, lightweight, and convenient, but if you ignore the necessary maintenance and throw them in the corner of the garage after each use, they may also look a little worn. Take a look at the following tips on the maintenance of beach chairs, and you will soon discover that just spending a few minutes on these chairs can keep them in good condition for years to come.

  Aluminum frame

  This popular material makes beach chairs more affordable than wooden iterations, but they are prone to rust. Moisture is the most common cause of corrosion in aluminum frame chairs. We recommend that you keep the chairs as dry as possible and wipe them off as soon as you see moisture. For extra protection, you can also apply a clear coating of aluminum, which can completely prevent rust.

  Wooden frame

  When the wood gets wet, it easily warps and becomes uneven or bent. To avoid this, store your wooden frame chair in a cool, cool and dry place. This is especially important in bad weather, because there is more moisture in the air than on dry days. Treating the wood with stained or sealed finishes also provides additional protection for maintaining the frame's shape.

  Polyester or canvas seat fabric

  Most beach chair seats are made of polyester fiber or canvas. Regardless of the type of fabric, it is recommended to wipe the seat fabric with a cloth after each use to clean it quickly. Another good practice habit: remove any spills or stains immediately, instead of waiting, which may give the stain time to solidify. Vacuum your seats with a vacuum cleaner once a month to keep them free of dust, which can make a big difference. What if you do see the stain? Clean the fabric on site instead of washing the entire seat. If your chair requires deep cleaning, follow all cleaning instructions on the label.

  Beach chair storage

  Regardless of the season, store the chairs in a dry and dark place. In winter, consider putting the chairs in a storage bag or shed to protect them from natural disasters.

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