How To Clean Outdoor Camping Folding Tables

Update:20 Feb 2021

  Based on the long-term popularity of outdoor camping […]

  Based on the long-term popularity of outdoor camping folding tables in the rental industry, understanding how to stack, store and clean them is vital information for any party rental company. Although they may not experience the same types of problems encountered with wooden folding tables due to weight and natural materials, plastic folding tables do have their own set of specific cleaning requirements.


  Fortunately, if you regularly add a thin layer of kraft paper to the table, you can guarantee that you will be able to enjoy their stock for many years and future events.


  Our plastic table tops are made of polyethylene and can resist most stains from liquids or natural elements such as dust and turf. However, due to the inherent porosity of the material, it is important not to leave anything on the surface for too long. If you find that your wine glasses have been poured during dinner, don't wait. Pick up some paper towels and you should be able to wipe them without a trace, without having to spread a bunch of cleaning supplies during the event.


  After the event, the last thing you might want to do is sit at the table and wash them before loading them. But-just take a few minutes after each activity, you can extend the time between more intense washes. If you can use a garden hose, always give the plastic folding table a healthy rinse to remove the main food particles or residues, then dry and decompose. Make sure to dry it completely with a soft towel to avoid scratching the polyethylene surface.


  If you have a strong team of highly efficient personnel, then you may want to consider some after-the-fact troubleshooting procedures. Use a spray bottle filled with simple green, diluted OxyClean or even white vinegar solution to spray on each table, and then wipe it clean with a soft towel. These sturdy but safe cleaning products are much stronger than water and do not leave soap residue. In the long run, the minutes spent after each event will save you a lot of money.


  Sometimes, even with regular maintenance, you have to fight hard desktop stains. If you bought heavy commercial-grade furniture instead of cheap folding tables, you can dilute some bleach to use on a well-ventilated plastic folding table, but be sure to use gloves and rinse thoroughly to avoid any potential corrosion.

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