How To Choose The Right Outdoor Folding Chairs For Your Summer Promotions?

Update:25 May 2021

  One of the hottest trends in summer is not temperatur […]

  One of the hottest trends in summer is not temperature-this is outdoor marketing! Whether you call them lawn chairs, captain chairs, activity chairs or folding chairs, your employees and customers are likely to use one this summer. As restrictions were relaxed, people began to travel or party with friends and family. Many of these gatherings are outdoors on the beach, in the park-a great public place to display your custom logo!


  But how do you choose the right custom printed outdoor chair?


  When choosing a suitable folding chair, there are many factors to consider according to the position where the customer sits on the chair. Weight, portability, location, and event type are all important factors to consider before making a buying decision. Folding chairs are not completely "suitable for everyone", so we have broken down the details to help you determine which chair is suitable for your next promotion.


  Things to consider


  Summer parties usually include beaches, parks and outdoor music festivals. Positioning your brand in a crowded event means that your logo will get multiple impressions. But no one wants to hang up bulky chairs in the summer heat, so consider moving light and portable folding chairs from one location to another easily, or by avid campers to move them into the depths of the woods. We even offer a variety of options including matching handbags.


  Speaking of heat, activity chairs are essential equipment for sports events, so when choosing a suitable outdoor folding chair, materials are another important consideration. Whether sitting outdoors at a local football match or at an outdoor concert, the mesh backrest chair is an excellent way to dissipate heat while maintaining brand awareness. Please keep the drink out of hand, and don't put it on the ground. Drink racks are also a popular chair choice, useful if there is no table. Need some other help to stay calm? Some folding chairs have cooling compartments to facilitate the carrying of cold drinks. Campers throughout the year will love solid materials to help them stay warm while sitting by the fire.


  Folding lawn chairs also come in many styles, from classic captain chair styles to tripod styles and even Adirondack styles. Consider where and how long the customer will use the chair, which will help you make the right choice for this influential marketing plan.

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