How to Choose the Best Folding Chair

Update:30 Mar 2021

  When designing a corporate layout, one of the most im […]

  When designing a corporate layout, one of the most important elements to choose is to provide a suitable and comfortable seat for your space. Choosing a folding chair that suits your location can be overwhelming because it has dozens of different materials, colors, functions, and styles for you to choose from. This guide will outline the various types of folding chairs available to you so that you can make an informed decision and maximize your investment.


  Types of folding chairs


  Folding chair frame materials: We provide three different folding chair frame materials for you to choose from, so you can find the perfect balance of durability, function and style that suits your business. In each material, we also provide chairs of the same style to help you choose the exact chair according to your needs.


  Metal folding chair:

  Highly durable

  Ideal for indoor and outdoor use

  Can withstand the harsh test of frequent use

  Resist scratches and prolong service life

  Plastic Folding Chair: Plastic Folding Chair

  Provides a realistic wood look

  Easy to keep clean


  Easy to transport


  Wooden folding chair:

  Provide a classic, elegant appearance

  Ideal for weddings and other formal events

  Provides excellent durability and tensile strength

  Folding chair seat material: Many of our foldable chairs are equipped with upholstered seats to provide extra comfort for longer activities. If you want to choose upholstered seats, we can provide fabric or vinyl options.


  Fabric folding chair:

  Soft cushions for extra comfort

  Excellent resistance to temperature changes

  Designed for indoor applications


  Vinyl upholstered folding chair:

  The filling is stain resistant

  Easy to wipe clean

  Provide better protection from moisture


  Folding chair color: You will find a variety of colorful folding chairs for you to choose from, from classic black or white folding chairs to beige, blue, gray and so on. Choose colors that match the style of your venue to get a coherent look!


  The load-bearing capacity of the folding chair: The load-bearing capacity of the folding chair must be considered before buying. Evaluate your customer base to help you determine whether a high-volume folding chair might be a better choice.

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