How To Choose A Lounge Chair?

Update:07 Jan 2022

  The lounge chair has various styles and can be used f […]

  The lounge chair has various styles and can be used freely. As long as it is used properly, the same chair can perform different functions in different spaces. In the specific furniture purchase, everyone has their usage habits. So, how to choose a chair according to your actual situation?

  1, the depth of the lounge chair

  Generally speaking, on more formal occasions, people’s sitting posture is very straight, and more people like to sit in a “shallow” position in front of the chair, but if you are at home, you may sit very deep when relaxing. The whole person seemed to fall on a chair.

  When shopping, you can sit and watch first, and try to feel the depth of the whole body when you are sitting, so that you can know whether you have both public and private needs.

  2, the height of the foot of the lounge chair

  The height of the feet of the lounge chair is related to the length of the legs of the user. Except for high chairs such as bar chairs, the seat height of the chair is not too exaggerated. However, if there are short or young children in the family, they should also be considered.

  3, lounge chair armrest height

  If you have the habit of hanging your hands freely, choose a chair with lower or no armrests. If you like to shrink the whole person in the middle of the chair, a chair with higher armrests and a deeper seating surface may be the ideal choice.

  4, the height of the backrest of the lounge chair

  Those who like to "sit upright", can not only choose stools without armrests and backrests but also chairs with low armrests and backrests. At this time, the weight of the sitting person will be on the waist and hips. If you like to put your weight on the back and lean on the backrest, you might as well choose a chair with a higher backrest. At this time, you can also see whether the height of the backrest is near the neck. Sometimes a chair with a height near the neck will make users habitual. Putting the neck on the backrest at a 90-degree angle can easily cause cervical spine injury.

  5, the slope of the lounge chair

  The inclination of the backrest and the softness and comfort of the "attachment" should also be taken into consideration.

  The angle of the back of the chair is bounded by 90 degrees. Most chairs are slightly larger than 90 degrees so that the center of gravity can be moved back slightly and the whole person can sit on the chair steadily. Chairs with large leisure functions have a large slope, which makes people feel like they are "lying" on the chair.

  6, the softness of the lounge chair

  Whether the cushion and backrest of the chair are comfortable or not, if the chair does not come with a cushion and backrest, just look at the hardness of the material itself. For the "attachment part", pay attention to what internal filler is used, and sit on it to test the feeling.

  7, the stability of the lounge chair

  You can know the stability of the chair from the details of the chair structure, such as the inspection of joints, screws, and other joints, which are very important. It is recommended that users sit in person as much as possible and shake their bodies slightly to achieve the stability of the chair.

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