How to Choose a Beach Chair?

Update:08 Jun 2021

  The beach is a great place to play in the water, soak […]

  The beach is a great place to play in the water, soak up the sun and relax. What better way to relax than on a comfortable beach chair? They have a variety of styles to meet your needs. In this guide, you will learn how to choose the perfect beach chair.


  Many materials


  Beach chairs can be made of many materials. Although each material has its advantages, some materials may suit your taste better than others. Here are the most popular materials you will encounter:


  Aluminum: The lightest beach chair is made of aluminum. You can easily bring your own chair to the beach or even more chairs! However, the lightweight aluminum design means that if it is handled roughly, slight dents may appear.


  Wood: Wooden beach chairs have a classic and timeless appearance. Since wood is a poor conductor of heat, you don't have to worry about the sun shining on your chair and heating the frame to a scorching temperature. Although they have many benefits, wooden beach chairs are much heavier than aluminum beach chairs. These chairs also require little maintenance. However, with a little varnish and sanding, your wooden beach chair will remain functional for many beach seasons in the future.


  Steel: Steel beach chairs are very durable. However, they tend to be more expensive than aluminum beach chairs and can rust if not properly maintained.


  Types of chairs


  Whether you desire convenience, a place to sleep, or read a book in a comfortable seat, there is always one that suits your needs. Here are some styles you might need:


  Recliner: Stretch out and take a nap on the recliner. Many recliners are equipped with pillow headrests to improve your level of relaxation. If you prefer to sunbathe, there are usually face cutouts on the recliner, so that you can lie on the ground comfortably, tan other parts of your body, and give you a uniform glow in the sun.


  Backpack chair: The backpack chair is designed to provide maximum convenience and can be worn as a lightweight backpack. Once you reach the beach, it will unfold to reveal the chair. These functions are especially useful if you need to free your hands to bring other beach essentials to the beach.


  Travel stool: very suitable for families or groups. The travel bench is a portable bench that can be expanded into a spacious bench. The number of people the bench can hold varies from brand to brand.


  Classic beach chair: "Classic" beach chair is usually expressed by its height. The height of a classic beach chair is often no more than 12 inches above the ground. These chairs provide you with the best of both worlds experience. They can prevent you from sitting on the bare sand, but allow you to stretch your legs to the ground so you can enjoy the cool water and the wet sand on your feet. You can also tan your entire leg evenly, instead of the part above the knee that normally faces the sun on a chair of normal height.


  Children's chairs: Let children have their own fun beach chairs. Many brands of beach chairs can attract the imagination of children. Your child will feel special on the private beach chair, which is of perfect height and has a fun animal theme. At the back of the children's chair, you can usually find cool fish such as sharks or insects such as caterpillars and whimsical butterflies.

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