How Much Weight Can The Folding Chair Support?

Update:27 Apr 2021

  People come in various shapes and sizes. The whole so […]

  People come in various shapes and sizes. The whole society seems to have forgotten this, but at least, all of us should be able to sit comfortably on our favorite lawn and camping chairs. After all, what is better than absorbing sunlight?


  The construction of folding chairs, patio furniture and any other outdoor seating is reliable. As you can see, it can bear a lot of weight, and you don't have to worry about any damage.


  How to make lawn chairs?


  If you don’t first understand how a lawn chair is made, you can’t really realize its weight limitations. It requires superb craftsmanship and expert precision to prepare your favorite outdoor chair!


  How to make lawn chairs?


  The first step: Arrange the aluminum rods on the machine, then cut and piece them together to create the frame.


  Step 2: Place the webbing on the aluminum frame in a cross-shaped pattern by hand.


  Step 3: Check whether the webbing has undergone quality control to ensure that there are no barbs or bumps.


  Step 4: Extend the webbing upwards and surround the aluminum frame on the top and the seat part. Then fix it in place.


  Step 5: Finally, add the armrests and the chair is ready to go!


  step 1


  Create a framework


  The aluminum frame is manufactured using high-tech machinery. This part is a bit tricky, because every part needs to be precise to make the chair finally fold open and closed. In fact, the front legs have a specific pole and the back legs have a specific pole.


  Step 2




  In this step, place the webbing on the aluminum frame by hand. Accurately measure each strip and arrange them one by one until the entire frame covers the specified pattern. These strips can come in a variety of colors and sizes to create a large number of unique looks and styles!


  Step 3


  checking work


  It's time for some quality control! The webbing must be very precise to prevent any obstacles or bumps in the pattern. It must also be stretched very tight to bear the weight of a person sitting in a seat.


  Step 4


  Packaging frame


  Once the seat belt is strong and tight, the next step is to pull it up and wrap it around the top aluminum frame and then around the seat section. Then fix it in place. This is done meticulously by workers who ensure that it does not slip or slip off during driving.


  Step 5


  Add handrails


  The last point is to place the plastic or metal armrest on the chair. Then, these chairs can hang out on the beach, sit by the campfire, or hang out off the court during a local baseball game!

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