Five Factors To Consider Before Buying A Sleeper Sofa Bed

Update:26 Jan 2021

  Sleeper sofa beds are very useful furniture because t […]

  Sleeper sofa beds are very useful furniture because they can turn almost any room into an instant guest room. In addition to accommodating tourists, they are also common in studio apartments. Simply put, sleeper sofas (also called sofa beds) have pull-out mattresses that can be converted into beds. The hidden mattress pops up or folds. Are you buying a new sofa in the market? Why not buy a sleeper sofa, because it can serve a dual purpose. Before determining the best sofa bed for you, consider the following five basic factors.


  1. How to use the sofa bed


  One of your main considerations should be the way the sleeping sofa is used. In other words, will it be mainly used for occasional overnight stays? Maybe you plan to use it as an extra bedroom for family members. In addition, it can be used as a place to sleep when someone in your house is sick and does not want to spread germs. Some people use metal sofa bed to increase seats.

  If you plan to use most of the new sofas for sleep, it is particularly important to consider the type of mattress. Some mattresses have internal springs, while others are air cushions.


  2. The twins and the queen


  Before buying a sleeper sofa, please measure the size of the room and the passageway between the door and the hall. If your room is small, the best option may be a double sofa bed that can only sleep one person. The smallest size bedroom is about 70 square feet.

  On the other hand, if space is not an issue, a queen-size sofa bed is a better solution. These sleepers come in a variety of fabrics and styles, as well as various mattress types. In addition, the large-size sleeper sofa can easily accommodate three people to sit down, while providing enough space and comfort for two sleepers. When opened, these sofa beds are about 90 inches long and 84 inches wide.


  3. Furniture weight


  Unlike ordinary sofas, sleeper sofas are equipped with mattresses. Therefore, the weight is quite heavy. If you have a multi-storey house, the best room for a new sleeper sofa may be in the living area on the lowest floor. However, if your new sleeper is for the bedroom upstairs, dragging the sofa up the stairs may be difficult. Therefore, using an air mattress is a good idea.


  4. The style of your room


  When deciding on a sleeper, consider the style of the room where you plan to put the new furniture. For example, if your room has a more modern style, look for sofas with neutral colors, clean lines, and natural materials. For rooms with a rustic theme, choose wooden furniture. Besides, why not add some fluffy stitched pillows to create a rustic cabin feel.

  Other precautions and warnings

  Ensure easy opening and closing.

  Before deciding to use the sofa, please check if there are any damage mechanisms that can damage the sheets, such as sharp points

  Before buying, be sure to try the furniture first. In addition to testing the mattress, don’t forget to sit on the sofa when folded to ensure that the cushions are comfortable and high-quality.


  In conclusion


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