Common Folding Beds And Advantages Of Household Folding Beds

Update:22 Apr 2022

  There are many types of folding beds produced by fold […]

  There are many types of folding beds produced by folding bed manufacturers. According to relevant sources, the more common ones are as follows:

  1. Seat folding bed used in public places: The seat is manufactured according to the principle of ergonomic engineering. It is equipped with an S-shaped spring to ensure that the curve of the seat back completely conforms to the curve of the human body, and the seat feels comfortable. It is a combination of aesthetics and high technology.

  2. Folding bed for household use: a lightweight, stackable seat, which is easy to move and saves space. The seat panel and the back panel are generally injection-molded with native PP plastic in the mold; the seat frame and the chair legs are sprayed with a square steel pipe with electrostatic silver powder. The square steel pipe is more durable than the round steel pipe; Footpads will be added to the position where the ground is in contact to prevent slippage and avoid scratching the floor.

  3. Aluminium beach chair: suitable for home use, lunch break, fishing, tourism, foldable camp bed, easy to carry, adjustable backrest design, more comfortable and more reasonable.

  Generally speaking, the main advantages of using this household folding bed are:

  1. Easy to carry: Some products are designed to be small and multi-purpose due to special requirements. A folding bed is one of them, which is easy to carry, such as chairs that can be easily carried on the train.

  2. Small size, saving, and efficient use of space: the folding bed is of special significance for the effective use of factories, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, gymnasiums, and housing spaces.

  3. Safety: The sharp parts of some chairs not only reduce the space after folding but also ensure the safety of carrying.

  4, it is conducive to standardized design and production: Since most of the parts of the folding bed are the same, and many of them are symmetrical, it is only necessary to machine some parts to improve work efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

  5. Easy to load, unload and use: The folding bed is small in size after being folded, flexible and maneuverable, which is convenient for storage and handling.

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