Can Zero Gravity Chair Improve Health?

Update:11 Mar 2022

  Zero gravity chairs don't fight gravity. Designed for […]

  Zero gravity chairs don't fight gravity. Designed for NASA astronauts, these unique pieces of furniture were originally designed to relieve astronauts from the enormous stress they experience during space launches. The stress on the human body when breaking orbit is so great that astronauts need to minimize it by adopting a "neutral" leaning position.

  When they realized the potential of this anti-gravity position, massage chair manufacturers set out to replicate the technology so that people on our planet could reap the same health benefits and comfort. The result is a chair that provides a sense of weightlessness similar to that of an astronaut in space.

  How a Zero Gravity Chair Can Improve Your Health

  The Zero Gravity Recliner holds the body in perfect position, distributes the weight evenly across all our pressure points, supports the lumbar area, and eliminates painful tension almost instantly. When using a zero-gravity chair, you get into the perfect "neutral body position." It feels a lot like your experience when you stumble upon the perfect sleeping position.

  One of the greatest benefits of a zero-gravity chair is that it promotes better circulation throughout the body, reducing varicose veins and soothing swelling. Not only does your heart work better because of the open-angle of your thighs and torso, but your lungs also expand to a fuller position. This means more oxygen can reach your lungs for deeper, more relaxed breathing.

  Other benefits of a zero-gravity chair include:

  Less pressure on the spine: The human spine has a natural "S"-shaped curve. When there is no pressure on the muscles around the spine, we achieve a neutral position, which reduces the pressure on the vertebrae.

  Muscle relief: Many normal sitting, standing, and even sleeping positions put extra stress on our muscles, even when we think we are relaxing. The zero-gravity position frees the muscles from stress, while the oxygen-rich blood heals any pre-existing discomfort.

  Unparalleled Relaxation: All the components of the Zero Gravity Massage Chairwork together seamlessly to bring mind and body into a state of relaxation. After all, reducing stress on every part of your body is sure to give you a relaxing experience like never before.

  Can you benefit from a zero gravity chair?

  Zero gravity chairs are no longer just for astronauts. Today, they provide an excellent source of comfort for people with joint or muscle pain, spinal alignment problems, back pain, and a range of other health problems. Even if your comfort is not a problem, you can still find extraordinary relaxation in a zero gravity chair.

  Ideal for executives and business people who are prone to stress at work, these chairs can be used both as an ergonomic workspace or as a reclining chair for peaceful moments. With a zero-gravity chair, you can relax now and then and give your eyes a break from constantly staring at your computer screen.

  Some designers use zero-gravity chairs exclusively as recliners, with beautiful fabrics and cushioning that blend in with your living room's existing design or theme. This means you can benefit not only from the improved health and well-being of an ideal recliner but also from the aesthetic appeal of a great new piece of furniture.

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