Camp Chairs Quiz: What Style is Best for You?

Update:15 Jun 2021

  Some people think that camping chairs are a necessity […]

  Some people think that camping chairs are a necessity, while others think they are more like a luxury. Your location within this range actually depends on the type of camping you do most often.


  Backpackers prefer to reduce weight and use more natural seats, such as logs or perfectly shaped rocks. On the other hand, car campers do not need to worry about weight, they may find the most comfortable camping chair they can find.


  So what kind of chair is best for you? Take this short quiz to find out. Keep track of the numbers you choose for each answer to find a camping chair that matches your style.


  How much packaging space do you usually use?


  Quite a lot, but I prefer to stick to the basics of packaging.


  If I have, I can pack it.


  It's just a backpack on my back, but I won't go far.


  Just carrying it on my back, I am looking for the main mile.


  What type of campsite recreational activities are you most likely to participate in?


  A slack line.


  A tablet computer with one or two good movies.


  A good book.


  My storytelling skills.


  The camp is established. How far are you from your car?


  Less than two miles.


  Less than 200 feet.


  More than five miles.


  More than 10 miles.


  Among these camping foods, which one do you eat most often during your travels?


  Anything made from scratch on fire.


  Any type of pre-packaged meals, GU energy chewable tablets, honey stinger, cliff bar...any food that I can eat on the move.


  What drink do you choose when camping?


  Beer me.


  A nice campground cocktail.


  A bottle of whiskey.


  Please give me water.


  What kind of fireside nanny are you?


  Give me a chair and a refreshing drink and I can go.


  I want to be as comfortable as possible.


  I need light comfort.


  I will sit anywhere. I just need to stand up.


  What are you sleeping


  tent. Weight is not an issue.


  Some kind of camper or RV. Sometimes tents can.


  Lightweight tents, whether free-standing or dependent, I can do it.


  Lightweight tents are preferably non-self-contained to reduce weight.


  You wake up after a night of camping. What's the next step?


  Hiking nearby, mountain biking, rock climbing... some kind of dynamic day.


  A good hike, and then found the perfect reading spot.


  Hike to the next camp! Less than 10 miles.


  Mainly 1s: Classic car camper-You tend to car camp for convenience, but like to keep it simple. Your idea of ​​relaxing at the campsite is a good beer or even a better friend. The classic camping chair is for you. Look for a cup holder with a cup holder for maximum convenience.


  Mainly 2s: Who said that camping cannot be comfortable and luxurious? Of course not you. Use a recliner or rocking chair to keep your dreams alive. Be sure to tell your camping partner that the "move your feet and lose your seat" rule does not apply.


  Mainly 3s: casual backpackers-if backpacking means hidden camping and beautiful scenery, you like to challenge backpacking, but you are satisfied with short weekend excursions. Although it is important to you to stay light, a small chair will not make you overweight. The small and light chair is perfect for you.


  Mainly 4s: backpackers-unless you go deep into nature, you will not be satisfied. The more days and miles, the better. The campsite rock that fits perfectly on your bottom is your ideal seat choice. If you want more comfort, consider using things like stadium seats to add minimal weight.

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