Beach Chairs: Seven Things to Know Before You Buy

Update:17 Aug 2021

  Must-know facts   The warm sun, the sound of waves hi […]

  Must-know facts

  The warm sun, the sound of waves hitting the shore, you caught some zzz sounds. If you lie on a blanket, spending a day at the beach means a day of fun and relaxation, and there may be a lot of sand. Today, beach chairs are very practical. They can be placed not only on the beach, but also by the pool, game side or your backyard. Before you choose one, please familiarize yourself with the available options so that the option you choose will best suit your needs.

  Fact 1: The beach chair frame is made of different materials

  When considering the structure of beach chairs, there are basically three options: steel, aluminum and wood. Steel is the strongest, aluminum is lighter and easier to carry, while wood is heavier but has a high-end appearance. The powder-coated paint on the chair helps prevent scratches and rust. Aluminum chairs are more resistant to rust than powder-coated steel chairs.

  Fact 2: You have a variety of seat fabrics to choose from

  The range of seat manufacturing can be canvas, cotton, nylon or polyester fiber denier (a measure of fabric thickness and weight). Target denier strength between 420D-600D to improve durability. Cotton and canvas denier is softer and more comfortable. Polyester and nylon denier provide more weather resistance. The padded fabric will provide a cushioning effect that may be more comfortable. Otherwise, the choice of materials is more a matter of personal taste and comfort.

  Fact 3: Weight support varies

  The weight support range is usually up to 225-400 pounds. Adults and 75-100 pounds. For children. Please be sure to check the manufacturer's weight limit instructions before use.

  Fact 4: Position is important

  The beach chair can simply be unfolded into an upright sitting position, or it can provide a variety of reclining changes, including lying completely flat on the back or abdomen.

  Fact 5: What other key features should you consider?

  There are two main factors to consider: portability and armrest options.

  Portability: Some beach chairs can be folded in half vertically or horizontally, while others can be folded into three parts. If you plan to transport a chair, you will need to choose a chair that is easy to carry. Look for a chair with a shoulder strap that can be attached, a separate handbag with a shoulder strap, or a backpack-style strap.

  Armrests: Not only comfort is a factor, but you also want the armrests not to get hot in the sun. Some options are: wooden arms for support and sturdiness, wide fabric-covered arms or padded armrests for extra comfort.

  Fact 6: There are many styles of beach chairs

  Sand chair-is your basic folding beach chair, usually the cheapest. They just let you sit on the beach.

  Highboy Beach Chair-similar to a beach chair, but located 16-18 inches above the beach. As the name suggests, its backrest is higher.

  Butterfly chair or camping chair-a single chair that can be folded vertically and compactly for easy carrying and storage.

  Recliner-its main function, allows you to stretch your legs.

  Zero Gravity Chair-The ultimate relaxation chair allows you to easily lean back and support your feet in multiple positions.

  Fact 7: Accessories

  Some beach chairs provide convenient accessories. Some options are:

  Integrated cup holder

  Adjustable pillow

  Zipper storage bag

  Parasol or attachable parasol

  Connectable side tray

  Foot pedal

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