Ask Yourself Questions Before Buying A Folding Table

Update:20 Apr 2021

  When buying a folding table, you might think that all […]

  When buying a folding table, you might think that all you need is a flat surface, four feet, and a basic structure that can be folded. In some cases, you may be correct, right?


  I often think about tables and chairs. Every day, I discuss corner impacts, leg locking mechanisms, guide grooves, leg extensions, and many other details with our lifelong dining table and chair team, which will stop you from reading this article. All this knowledge convinced me that a very durable table with safety and convenience will be worth the money in the long run.


  Do you remember the "old" folding table? Let me jog your memories-they are woody, heavy and clumsy. I remember carrying a heavy table made of wood or metal. The sharp metal edge under the table scratched my finger. If you were alive in the 1990s or earlier (I think you are), then you may remember this too.


  In 1995, when Lifetime invented the first table with a blow-molded tabletop and applied for a patent, everything changed. A pretty good invention, it has been widely accepted as a modern folding table. Today's table is not like yesterday's table. However, because of the many innovations in folding tables, knowing which one to buy can be daunting. Therefore, to ensure that you choose the most suitable folding table for you, please ask yourself the following quick questions before shopping:


  Do you plan to use both tables internally, externally, or at the same time? If you are outdoors, make sure to look for a weather-resistant table.


  How do you plan to use the table? If you plan to use it for standing or young children, consider using an adjustable height gauge to make your table more versatile.


  Which table shape is most suitable? Today's folding tables are rectangular, round and square. And, according to the shape of the table, the style of the legs will be different to adapt to different arrangements of chairs.


  Do you plan to transport tables often? If so, please consider portability, including the weight of the table, the handle, and even the half-fold design.


  How much weight do you plan to put on the table? If you want to buy a folding table for commercial use (such as construction sites) or for storing extremely heavy items (such as fish tanks, electrical appliances, etc.), be sure to check the weight class of the table.


  Taking a few minutes to think about these questions will help you choose the ideal folding table more easily.

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