A Portable Folding Table Adds Convenience To Life

Update:26 Nov 2021

  Portable folding table wholesalers say that the stabi […]

  Portable folding table wholesalers say that the stability of portable folding tables is very important nowadays, which is related to whether we can use them normally. Take a round table as an example, the inclination angle of its corresponding table legs has both acute and obtuse angles. Analyze the force of each leg of the round table, and establish a non-linear programming model according to the geometric relationship. Usually, the force of the table is mainly from top to bottom, not from two sides to the middle, so the stability of the table will not be determined by three The legs form a triangle shape and increase.

  The main product of the portable folding table is convenience, which is very important for the application of the product, especially the size is what we need to consider when buying, too small and not enough, too big and inconvenient, so unified A specification is very important.

  Although the size of the portable folding table varies, the larger advantage of the portable folding table is that it does not take up space. Therefore, its size generally follows the principle of being as small as possible. Within the limit of the smaller size, it exerts greater portable folding. The use-value of the table; In addition, as a daily necessity, the portable folding table must follow the practical principle, and the household folding table made in this way will be favored by the majority of consumers.

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