5 Things to Know Before Buying Outdoor Furniture

Update:10 Aug 2021

  Buying outdoor furniture is a multifaceted investment […]

  Buying outdoor furniture is a multifaceted investment. Of course, you are purchasing thoughtful designs and functions, but don't forget that you are also investing in outdoor leisure for many years. Are you ready to make the right investment? Find out the best time of the year to buy outdoor furniture and 5 tips to remember when shopping!

  Please read these 5 tips before buying outdoor furniture

  1. Get inspired! Discover amazing outdoor spaces.

  Before stepping into the furniture showroom, we encourage you to discover the endless possibilities of outdoor design. There are a million ways to explore-stroll through your local botanical garden, country club or luxury hotel... or simply scroll through your social media sources. Inspiration is everywhere!

  It is easy to get lost in a sea of ​​thoughts. Whether you are editing a magazine feature or "pinning" a photo to a digital mood board, be sure to organize your inspiration in an easy-to-use format so that you can revisit your favorite look. Start here: the hottest outdoor lifestyle trends in 2021.

  2. Define your outdoor style.

  Once you have explored the depth of dazzling design possibilities, you will need to narrow down your favorites. This is the fun part! It's time to define your personal style. Taking into account your lifestyle, home habits and aesthetic preferences, do you prefer a modern, traditional or transitional style?

  We should mention that research alone can do a lot. For example, did you know that certain colors affect mood? Or which fabric palettes and patterns are popular this season? Catch up with some reading; we have a simple guide to help you choose the perfect outdoor color palette and the latest outdoor fabric trends.

  3. Measure your space

  There are two aspects to this critical step. First, it is important to understand how furniture placement affects your outdoor living space. Work on a large area? Separate the spacious floor plan from the comfortable conversational seats. Enjoy a small outdoor space? Explore ways to maximize your small terrace.

  4. Know your location and climate.

  Second, consider the climate. The weather will definitely affect your outdoor living space-make sure the furniture you choose is ready to withstand the elements it will live in. Read more about our two most popular materials. If you want to buy furniture for suburban houses, you can choose any of our materials with confidence. If you want to buy outdoor furniture for your beach or lakeside residence, you will want to look at teak and wicker furniture.

  5. Don't skimp on materials.

  One of the main mistakes consumers make when buying outdoor furniture is ignoring quality. Of course, the design may look great online or in-store, but how does it actually look year after year? Almost every homeowner has done this before! Please weigh your options before choosing a slightly cheaper option, because investing in suitable outdoor furniture from the beginning will eventually save you money in the long run.

  Choose high-performance fabrics

  Aesthetics is important, but performance is the most important. Fortunately, we can provide both at the same time. These high-tech textiles will surpass all other fabrics and provide unparalleled value throughout the product's life cycle.

  Protect with lid and detergent

  Outdoor furniture maintenance, which is often overlooked by first-time buyers, is a very important factor. Be sure to check the maintenance and cleaning guide before buying, to understand that different materials may require different strategies.

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